Friday, September 27, 2019

Apple's Warning to iPhone 11 Users for Third Party Display

Apple will never let its users to repair their iPhones by themselves, and now we can see another try from apple to stop its users to repair their iphones. The corporate has revealed a support document on its website wherever it's discouraging its users to get a  third party repairs again.

Apple will remind all iPhone 11 users running iOS 13.1 with a warning if they replace their screens with Associate in Nursing aftermarket part. The warning shown on screen is “Unable to verify this iPhone features a real Apple display”.

Apple's Warning to iPhone 11 Users for Third Party Display

The warning can seem on the user’s lock screen for four days once the matter (Screen) is 1st detected. It'll then move to the Settings menu wherever it'll keep for fifteen days before being affected to Settings -> General -> concerning.

Apple lists a spread of issues that would occur if the Screen is swapped for Associate in Nursing aftermarket one, like multi-touch issues, problems with screen color accuracy and brightness, or True Tone failing to figure properly, etc.

However, to Apple’s credit, though a screen isn't verified as real, iOS won't stop the screen from functioning usually. Since these messages are alright hidden, it'll not impact the user expertise a lot of throughout their daily use.

Regardless, Apple has issued a powerful warning on its support page, warning users of the risks of exploitation non-genuine displays.

If you need to replace your iPhone display, it’s important for certified technicians who use genuine Apple display parts to repair it. Only technicians who have completed Apple service training and who use Apple genuine parts and tools should replace iPhone displays. These service providers include Apple, Apple Authorized Service Providers, or Independent Repair Providers using genuine Apple parts. Replacements not performed by Apple authorized service providers or certified technicians might not follow proper safety and repair procedures and could result in improper function or issues with display quality or safety.                                               -Source

Friday, August 30, 2019

Independent Repair Shops now have permission of Apple to Repair iPhone

In last few days, There was a surprising announcement by Apple that it will allow independent repair shops to repair, but if warranty of iPhone has expired. Along with this Apple announced that the Independent Repair shops that are interested in working, Apple will provide genuine hardware with parts, tools, and training. Parts are the components of a program called independent Repair Program.

Independent Repair Shops now have permission of Apple to Repair iPhone

From starting, the program is only available in North America but it will be expanded to other markets in Asia and Europe soon. However, for now out of warranty repairs are hand overs to issues with the front and/or back glass panels, crack in the camera lenses and other small issues like issue in charging. But this is a huge turning point for Apple users as they will now have more shops from which they can get repairs done without facing any difficulty.

So, finally this program is free for any independent business owner that is hoping to apply. Owner will be granted access to the required tools and training when it is available online. Owner should get an approval from Apple and after getting approval, the independent business will be had access to the same certified Apple parts as the official re-sellers at the same cost.