Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Android Beam Replaced by "Fast Share"

Are you an Android User? If yes then you obviously know about Google's Android Beam.
Let's talk about Android Beam, and what actually Android beam is? And about the new update of android beam.

What is Android Beam?

Android beam was Introduced in 4.0 sandwich in 2011. We can say Android beam is used for File Sharing from one Device to another Device using NFC(Near-Field Communication), for using the Android beam you have to make sure your device's NFC is working Well.


To activate Android Beam user should make sure both devices have NFC and have enabled NFC in Setting.

Android Beam Replaced by "Fast Share"

After Android Q update Google will Drop Android Beam and replace it with a New and Update feature “Fast Share." This is an official news and 9to5google.com got first look of this feature in google Pixel 3 running Google Android Q beta Version, and just shared how the functions will work in this new Feature, let see some of them.

Working of 'Fast Share'

Fast share on android will use to share Videos, images and other types of file with other android users, even without having any internet Connection.like Android Beam used NFC to share files Fast Share will use Bluetooth and WiFi-Direct this will increase speed of file sharing as compare to Android Beam. Google's nearby blue icon is used for Fast share icon. 

Fast share also has 'preferred Visibility' option which allows Other Devices to see your device when they are Nearby. 

In Starting you have to type your name and just click on 'Turn on' and it will want location, and Bluetooth Permissions.
To send a file just click on the name of one of the nearby User and share what you want, it so simple as we are sharing file using WiFi-Direct.

If you are receiving any file, then you will get notification asking you to 'Accept' or 'Decline' and also with complete detail like Device name, and other details. You can use or Edit the file when once the transfer is complete.

At Beginning Fast Share is only working in Google Pixel 3 but it is Expected that it will Work with other versions of Android OS, update is not Officially announced but it is likely to come with the latest update of android.