Friday, October 4, 2019

The Hundred-Ball Tournament: Briefly described the New 100-Ball Tournament

England, despite winning the world Cup 2019 and having one among the foremost booming domestic leagues round the world, has determined to alter things up by introducing The Hundred – a brand new competition.The players enclosed within the competition are going to be earning £125,000 for five weeks’ work, maybe one in all the most important attractions of the tournament aboard its unique format.

The Hundred-Ball Tournament: Briefly described the New 100-Ball Tournament

The tournament is scheduled for 2020 and can run from mid-July to early-September and can compete against one another for the title over a 38-day period throughout the vacations.

Tournament Layout

The tournament breaks far from the tradition of however the county has been compete in European nation for many years. The tournament contains of eight city-based franchises.

Each team can bat for 100-balls, facing an over of 10-balls rather than traditional six deliveries. The captains will have the selection to either permit a bowler to bowl only 5-balls or let him complete the whole over.

Additional format details relating to the tournament square measure as following:

  • Additional
100 balls per innings
A modification of ends after ten balls
Bowlers deliver either 5 or ten consecutive balls
Each bowler will deliver a most of twenty balls per game
Each bowling aspect gets a strategic timeout of up to 2 and a 0.5 minutes
A 25-ball powerplay begin for every team
Two fielders area unit allowed outside of the initial 30-yard circle throughout the powerplay
Teams are going to be ready to call timeouts
A simplified board is additionally planned
Preceding the play-offs, a complete of thirty two matches are going to be played. every team can play eight matches; half of them are going to be compete at home whereas the opposite 0.5 matches are going to be played away.

At the conclusion of the league stage, four groups can qualify for the play-offs. The first-placed team can face the fourth-placed team whereas the third-placed and fourth-placed can go head-to-head to qualify for the ultimate.

Squad & Team Information

A total of 8 teams will play in this unique tournament. Here are the complete details regarding teams of thistournament:

Each team will be able to sign 15 players and each squad cannot contain more than 3 foreign players. Players in this tournament will be signed using draft system just Like many other leagues.

Here is the analysis of the team players that will be included in the 15 teams:
3 foreign players
2 top-players of t20 blaster series
1 England's contracted player
9 other players
The tournament will be live form 20 Octomber 2019 on Sky Sports and BBC.

And another point The Hundred will also focus on women’s cricket as well.